Max Schaffer

Born 1985 in Santiago de Chile
Lives and works in Vienna, Austria and Berlin, Germany

Max Schaffer locates his practice at the point of collision and cocreation between the public sphere and the realm of fine art. He explores painting as a discursive frame of reference that allows for a fractal unfolding of image-object relationships. Rooted in aesthetic debates, his practice coalesces, through his actions and interventions, into a system connecting work, theory, attitude, institution and interpretation. Schaffer engages with questions of intellectual property, appropriation and the perpetuation of the art historical canon. In objects, drawings, reworked paintings and photographs he illuminates philosophical principles of control and subverts artistic tradition. In addition to winning the Bremen Advancement Award of the Visual Arts, his work has been exhibited at institutions such as the MUMOK Museum of Modern Art in Vienna and the Salzburger Kunstverein.

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